Whiskey Business

Saturday, February 16 2019
Royal Oak Farmers Market
7:30-10:30pm (6:30pm VIP Entry)

No matter how you’ve enjoyed it in the past (neat, dirty, on the rocks, straight or mixed), the
best way to enjoy whiskey is to savor it – the way you might a good wine. Whiskey Business
gives you the opportunity to sample your way across continents to discover the best in
scotches, bourbons and whiskeys – from locally produced bourbons to single malts, and
from small batches to single grains.

Attendees can meet brand ambassadors that will offer their unique descriptions and insight on
many different products, and numerous restaurants will be serving various whiskey-inspired
cuisine. Live music rounds out the evening in grand fashion!

Whiskey Business will feature over 100 whiskeys from around the world. This is your chance to
taste from a selection of single malt and blended Scotch, Irish, Bourbon, Tennessee, Michigan,
and Canadian whiskeys – all assembled in one room!


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Farmers Market Royal Oak


Event Website https://whiskeybusinessmi.com

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