Canterbury Holiday Stroll Vendor Signup

Canterbury Holiday Stroll
Vendor Payment Page
We offer three types of Booth for the
Canterbury Holiday Stroll

1st – We have RETAIL This is any vendor who makes or buys and sells their items. Example Paparazzi, Color Street, Fuzzy Socks, Pre Made Masks, etc etc.

2nd – Food Vendors Anyone who sells any FOOD items must use this Page

3rd – Service’s & Home Improvement, If you offer any type of services, Travel, Home Improvement, Selling Food Delivery, Collect any Customer Info,  ETC.

*** FOOD is NOT covered under Retail, All Food Vendors MUST signup under the “FOOD Box” any food paid under “Retail”  Will not be honored and you can NOT setup until the difference is paid.


** Nov 25th – 27th Stroll Includes Holiday Market also. The hours for this weekend are 10am-9pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Still have a question? Please email Pete at for any questions or concerns.